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Extended Fishing Report: Friday 2018-01-26


Please be patient and considerate of other users of our beautiful waterways over the very busy Australia Day Long Weekend and we will all have a very safe and good time!!

It's looking like good conditions today but forecast is for conditions to become choppy and difficult to venture out with southerly winds increasing through Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Today's winds will be a easterly 10 to 15 knots with seas around 1 metre. below 1 metre.

So hit the local reefs today for fish like these as there have been Maori cod, venus tusk fish, gold spot cod and Spanish mackerel from Chardons Reef. Sunshine Reef Big Spanish mackerel, cobia, cod, grass sweetlip and pearl perch. Spanish Mackerel on Halls Reef. Snapper, cod, venus tusk, pearl perch, spotty mackerel and tuna from Caloundra 12 mile. Black marlin and wahoo from the Mooloolaba 18 mile. Wahoo, venus tusk fish, pearl perch and mahi mahi from the banks. D.I.P has had catches of Spanish Mackerel, snapper, gold band snapper, cobia, coral bream, scarlet sea perch, tuna, some nice pearl perch and dolphin fish. Yellowfin tuna, cobia, grass sweetlip, mackerel average snapper and venus tusk fish from the Blinker. D.I.P has had catches of Spanish Mackerel, snapper, gold band snapper, cobia, coral bream, scarlet sea perch, long tail and yellowfin tuna, some nice pearl perch and dolphin fish. Catches of yellowfin tuna, pearlies, red emperor, coral trout, good snapper and plenty of mahi mahi taken around the 20nm's east of the Wide Bay Bar this week.

Out from Hervey Bay: Longtail, mack tuna and trevally in Platypus Bay. Plenty of average grassy sweetlip, spangled emperor, blackall, tuskies, school mackerel and the odd trout on the inshore and shallow reefs in the Bay. Still catching threadfin salmon, grunter, and plenty of mangrove jack and banana prawns and mud crabs in the lower Susan and Mary Rivers. Good quality grunter bream, flathead and whiting as well as plenty of threadfin salmon from River Heads and throughout the Great Sandy Straits. It's worth targeting some good whiting and a few garfish that are feeding along the beaches between Urangan and Burrum Heads. Getting catches good trevally and long tail tuna off the Urangan Pier.

Estuaries and Beaches

Fraser Island:  Take extra, extra care over the Australia Day long weekend while fishing on our beaches with vehicle access. Target tarwhine, dart, whiting, trevally, bream and the odd tailor along the eastern beach gutters where there is no weed. Plenty of whiting and reasonable catches of flathead a trevally along the western beaches as well, with a few good mud crabs in the creeks.

Rainbow Beach: Take extra, extra care over the Australia Day long weekend while fishing on our beaches with vehicle access. Jew, bream and the odd tailor off the rocks at Double Island Point. Tarwhine, bream, flathead and dart along the beaches and Inskip Point. Flathead, dart and whiting in the gutters between Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point. Mangrove jack, flathead, estuary cod and mud crabs in Kauri Creek. Flathead on plastics and hard bodied lures from Tuan and Poona.

Local Dams and Rivers: Bass in all the local dams and the Mary River, so have a go as there are plenty of good quality bass, saratoga and yellowbelly feeding at present. It is the closed season for wild barra, but in the lakes and impoundments the action will be on fire. Borumba Dam has bass and saratoga hitting surface lures and fly particularly at dawn and dusk in the timbers and shallow areas. Plenty of quality bass and golden perch on trolled lures from the junctions and barber pole in Boondooma Dam. Good bass feeding in Lake McDonald.

Noosa: Please be patient and considerate of other users of our beautiful waterways over the very busy Australia Day Long weekend and we will all have a good time!! Trevally, flathead and queenfish in the Woods Bays. Bream and a few good quality whiting in the frying pan. Good mangrove jack behind the Sheraton, Plenty of bream and a few good muddies in Weyba Creek. Good mud crabs throughout the upper river.

Maroochydore: Trevally on hard bodies lures between Chambers Island and the mouth of Eudlo Creek. Quality tailor on sunset and flathead from the river mouth. Mangrove jack in creeks and the upper reaches. Bream, flathead and cod from Bli Bli bridge. Mud crabs in the middle reaches, creeks and canals.

Mooloolaba: Dart, whiting and tarwhine from the beach gutters. Bream, grunter and giant and golden trevally from the boat moorings. Plenty of good whiting throughout the lower river and bream from La Balsa and basin. Mangrove jack around the structures in the upper river. Mud crabs throughout including the lower river and canals.

Caloundra: Try for dart, whiting, tarwhine and trevally in the Surf at Warana. Flathead and bream inside the bar. Jew and grunter in the deeper holes of northern passage. A few quality whiting feeding on the flat throughout the passage. Muddies throughout the Passage and the creeks that feed into the Passage.

If you would like to see your photo in the paper, please email details and photo as a Jpeg attachment to <mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brad Matthew Red Emperor

Brad Matthews Coral Trout

Jayden Matthews Black Marlin 18mile

All the red fish were mine (Brad Matthews) the black marlin my 14 yr old nephew Jayden Matthews got, it was his first black took him about 30min to get in on 8kg line estimated round 60kg from 18mile of Mooloolaba recently and was tagged and released safely. Cheers Brad

Brad Matthews with some quality Red Emperor (no2) and some coronation and coral trout (no3) red emperor and trout were caught off Double Island Point in 50 to 60m of water, about 115kms from Mooloolaba, recently.

Johnny Baker Boondoomba Yellowbelly

Jonny Baker had a good day at Boondoomba this week for nice yellowbelly like this one and some quality bass.

Mark Planck 33cm Whiting

A couple of good eating size whiting up to 33cm taken by Mark Planck in the middle reaches of the Maroochy River

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