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Catch gallery: 62cm Flathead from the Maroochy River Mouth 03/04/2012


Abbey and Ryan Schimke with some nice flathead at 58 and 62cm, caught at the Maroochy River mouth at the start of the school holidays!

Catch gallery: Grunter Bream from Upper Maroochy 02/04/2012

Alan Webster from Maroochy RSL Fishing Club fished his secret spot up the Maroochy River for these nice grunter on fresh prawns.

Catch gallery: Jew to 10kg caught off Alex Beach 02/04/2012

Reg Holland with a 10kg jew caught off Alex Beach this morning (April 2) on strips of fresh mullet flesh - what a beauty!

Catch gallery: 6kg Milk Fish from the Mountain Creek 01/04/2012



Mick and Jack with this 6kg and 90cm Milk Fish caught in Mountain Creek on April 1st. It put up a huge fight and they've reaped the rewards of their efforts!!

Catch gallery: 1.2kg Flathead from the Chambers Island 01/04/2012


Ray Niesler with a 1.2kg flathead caught on Chambers Island during a Yandina Fishing Club fishing meet on Sunday April first!

Catch Gallery: whiting from the Maroochy River 29/03/2012


Jessica, Charlie and Georgia are enjoying the start of their school holidays when they went fishing in the Maroochy River and caught several legal whiting.

Catch Gallery: 45cm Flathead from the Maroochy River 29/03/2012


Alan Webster from the Maroochy RSL fishing club bought in this nice 45cm Flathead from a secret spot on the Maroochy River.

Catch Gallery: Whiting from the Chambers Island Bridge 26/03/2012


Jess and Jackie caught this whiting from the Chambers Island bridge.

Catch gallery: Tailor to 62cm from Marcoola Beach 22/03/2012


Mike Ballinger fished Marcoola Beach on Wednesday afternoon during low tide to return home with this beautiful tailor at 62cm.

Catch Gallery: 16cm crab from Chambers Island 25/03/2012


Dan Bridges bought in this 16cm crab from Chambers Island while fishing for bream and whiting.

Catch Gallery: Bream from Yinni St 10/03/2012


Kevin Grosser bought in this nice Yellowfish bream from the Maroochy River near the end of Yinni Street using a hardhead.

Catch Gallery: Striped Tuna and Reef Fish from Coolum Reef 2/03/2012


Alan and Alby from the Maroochy RSL fishing club picked up these nice striped tuna and a couple of reef fish from Coolum Reef.

Catch Gallery: 27cm Flathead from the Cod Hole 1/03/2012


Reece Bowman was fishing in one of the Swan Boat Hire boats at the cod hole and pulled in this nice 27cm Flathead.

Catch Gallery: Bream and Mud Crab from the lower Maroochy River 25/02/2012


A nice Bream and around 1Kg mud crab caught in the lower Maroochy River.

Catch Gallery: 20Kg Spanish Mackerel from Offshore 21/02/2012


Andy Gunn bought in most of the 20Kg Spanish Mackerel he caught offshore, a shark took out a chunk as he was bringing it up.

Catch gallery: 42cm Mangrove Jack from Bli Bli 21/02/2012


Sam Brown was flicking hardbody lures and caught this nice 42cm Mangrove Jack from around the Bli Bli area.

Catch gallery: Parrot and Sweetlip from Coolum 20/02/2012


Nice Parrot and Sweetlip caught from Coolum.

Catch Gallery: 5Kg Grassy Sweetlip from Outer Gneerings 20/02/2012


Danny went out off the Outer Gneerings and bought in this quality 5Kg Grassy Sweetlip.

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