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Video Testamonials

Pontoon Boat Video Testimonial 1

The crew aboard our large BBQ cruiser (12 seater) had a good time for a recent birthday bash on the Maroochy River.

Pontoon boat testimonial 2

The crew aboard our large BBQ cruiser (12 seater) with toilet had a great time on a recent get together on the Maroochy River.

Boat Hire Testimonial - Dave King

Dave King had a great afternoon fishing with this mate Ben. While wetting a line they shared fishing stories over a couple of cold beers.

Boat Hire Testimonial 5

 The crew aboard our 7 seater polycraft bowrider had a great time on the water and were more than happy with the boat.

Boat Hire Testimonial - Paul and Tara

Paul and Tara had a great day out on the Maroochy River in one of our 3 seater tinnies for Paul's birthday. Beers, fishing and good company is a great way to spend your birthday.

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