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One indication that summer is fast approaching (apart from the freak thunder storm we experienced Wednesday afternoon!) is the talking up of fancy new products on the market just in time for the painful Christmas present purchasing period, tackle included.  I still maintain that ‘last minute’ is the best way to go, though my wife truly believes that all year-round there are numerous present-buying opportunities (aka Sales!).  If only I could buy lures for all my loved ones, Christmas would be so simple!

Something that did really catch my eye in the past month is a lure called the TT Switchblade, that although not overly new to the market, has come to the party with hot new colours and new size/weight which is ideal for use in local rivers, all just in time for the summer fishing season.

The TT Switchblade has been on the market for a few years in a variety of natural and bright colourings.  They are metal vibration bait which is fast becoming the weapon of choice for serious bream, bass and yellowbelly anglers.  Though in the Maroochy and Noosa rivers the new larger 3/8 size have been working a treat for flathead, trevally, school jew and even chopper tailor.  The largest option is the 1/2oz which is an excellent option for some larger species like snapper, northern reefies and mulloway.

This lure can be hopped or slow-rolled across shallow flats, vertically jigged against steep structure, or burned mid-water through schooled fish.   The Switchblade has proven itself time and again in some of the toughest tournament conditions, nailing kicker bream and bass from deeper water. It excels in dirty conditions, the blade body giving off just the right shimmy to attract predatory strikes from fish. Switchblade's are accounting for more and more species every day, small snapper on light bream tackle, reefies over shallow flats in the tropics, and fat trout and yellowbelly in the impoundments.

Local angler Danny Brooks has been reaping the rewards with TT Switchblades this year and has offered some tips for anglers when beginning to use Vibration lures.  The Switchblade has three holes for attaching your snap swivel and how you use these holes will affect the motion and direction the lure responds.

“I use the first hole along the back for jigging mainly from a boat.  In deep holes I watch for baitfish moving past and then cast out and draw downwards and jig in an upward motion towards against the tide”.

“The second hole I mainly use for bank casting in the Using high and low motions, wave your rod up once and twice then allow the lure to sink again.  It is almost a technique of 1st up/down sweep; allow sinking, 2nd up/down then sinking until you have brought your lure back to the bank for another cast” says Danny.

“The third hole is best used in your boat for trolling on the making tide past structures like bridge pylons and jetties as the vibration from the trolling will lure out your predator fish who will be lurking around these structures awaiting an oblivious baitfish”.

As you can see Danny has tried and tested all the methods of using TT Switchblades to their full potential.  He is on location for the full tide at the Cod Hole mostly, armed with a variety of colours and a few golden coloured Squidgies as back-up.  The past week Danny has used the Golden Boy, Red Nightmare, Silver and Purple Glimmer colours which have been successful for school jew, trevally and flathead.

Like many tackle companies, the gang at TT Lures have listened to their loyal fans suggestions and have brought out four new colours for Christmas.   Brown mongrel (pictured has a light silver belly and goes into a deep orangey-brown along the backbone and has been tested in the Pine River for flathead and trevally with brilliant hook-up ratios.  The Purple Bruiser has a fluoro pink belly and a dark purple body and is excellent in clear water on a high tide for tailor and trevally, the same goes for Aussie Gold which is a swirly combination of green gold and orange.  Peacock Blue is best suited to clear days on the local reefs due to its extremely glistening light blue colourings with a green head and fluoro orange belly!

The Switchblade is proving to be one of the most versatile lures to hit the water in recent years, and the new larger sizes are adding to that reputation every day.

So call in and have a chat to the staff at Swan Boat Hire as they are all getting into Switchblades and are also sending out the most subtle of hints to their better halves for Christmas!


Noosa: Tailor to 3kg at dawn and dusk along Teewah beach.  Trevally and tailor to 2.3kg in Woods Bay.  Whiting to 700g in the frying pan.  Flathead from the rock wall in the bar. Mangrove jacks above the lakes, in between the lakes and in the canals.

Maroochy: Tailor to 2kg from Mudjimba Beach over night. Sand whiting throughout the lower reaches. Trevally to 1kg, tarpon, flathead and tailor to 1kg around the bridge pylons on herring and switch blades.  Mud crabs above bli bli bridge.

Kawana: Whiting and flathead at access 18-22. Squid off the rock walls over night. Plenty of good trevally along the La Balsa stretch and off the Kawana pontoon. Mangrove jack in Parrearra channel. Mud crabs in the upper reaches.

Caloundra: School mackerel in the mornings on metal slugs form the rocks at Moffat. Flathead along Bullcock Beach and  just inside the bar.  Whiting from the power boat club on blood worms.  Flathead to 60cm and bream from the Military Jetty.



Bream love the vibration of the 3/8oz TT Switchblade and will hit on the jigging motion.

The Brown Mongrel is tipped to be the pick of colours for the upcoming Summer flathead and trevally season.


Robert Whiting endured the freak storm on Wednesday to bring home this 750g tailor in the North Channel near the Cod Hole.

Danny Brookes with a flathead and trevally caught on a jigged Red Nightmare coloured 3/8oz Switchblade off the bank at Yinni Street.

Ben Nothling bagged out on snapper in the 3kg to 5kg range while fishing 'The Muds' with




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