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As the temperatures test our resolve and continue to drop both day and night, the bream anglers amongst us are rubbing their hands together with glee.  Over past week bream numbers have become stronger and stronger, especially due to the recent full moon over the long weekend.  For those of you with sheepskin line waders, aim to be hitting the beach or river mouth in the dead of the night to make the top of the tide from midnight onwards.  The larger tides high tides overnight will be very popular among bream anglers wanting to catch a feed. For bream a number of things are important like bait, tackle, technique, location but most of all it is imperative you don’t scare off the timid little bugger!

Bream are notorious for being the most fickle and flighty species in salt water.  They are the Chihuahuas of the fish world – finicky, fragile, precious and...women love them because they are one of the cuter fish out there!


Bream are mildly predatorial and fed for their territory by eating the small crabs, prawns and bait fish that pass by.  That said, you will not find a bream attacking a big jack who has decided to take over its home.  Bream are not past playing the scavenger role as they rarely pass up on any easy tasty feed that might present itself. Burley trails set up for larger species regularly attract good size bream coming in for a free feed or hungry bream smashing at larger than usual baits meant for bigger fish will test your patience.

Although bream are opportunistic feeders that will pretty much scavenge on anything, over many years working at Swan Boat Hire I have seen a few stand out baits. When it comes to high turnover baits; fresh prawn and mullet flesh are at the top. Fresh and live baits are generally the best, the list following is worth a look:

Live Bait: Sand worms, blood worm, prawn, herring and small poddy mullet.

Fresh Bait: Pike, herring, mullet, yakka, slimy mackerel, gar and squid used as cut baits.

Frozen Bait: Whitebait, frogmouth pilchard, baby blue W.A pilchards, mullet gut, chicken gut, hardy heads, mullet fillets, bonito fillets, prawns and squid.

Strips of flesh bait, pilchards and prawns can be soaked in tuna oil to increase the chances of a hook up. The oil slick caused after marinating baits is enough to attract bream from far away.

The bite you are looking for in a successful bream hook-up can be one of several sensations including a soft repetitious tap tap tap, a long slow drag, heavy weight pulling down on your rod, and rarely but still possible; a sudden hit and theft of your bait in a true mangrove jack fashion.  Once hooked Bream let you know they are on the other end and give up a good fight right to the bitter end.


There are a few general locations worth trying in any river system as they are likely to hold bream. Bridge pylons, jetties, pontoons, oyster leases, sea grass bed, deeper holes, channels, around fallen trees, around and rocky bottom and river mouths are all good territory for bream to hang around.

Some of the Keys Hot Spots in your area include:

Noosa: Harbour Town, Munna Bridge and the rock wall in the river mouth.

Maroochydore: Pin Cushion, the cod hole and in the deeper channels surround Goat and Channel Islands.

Mooloolaba: The rocks walls at the river mouth, La Balsa Park stretch, McKenzie’s Bridge and the boat moorings.

Caloundra: The Boardwalk, the Military Jetty, the blue hole, Couchin Creek and the bar.

Many anglers have been hooked on catching bream from a young age.  Bream are the fish that my grandfather taught me to catch and if I hadn’t caught the fishing bug with bream some twenty years ago, I may be more of a Motorbike riding or Xbox playing kind of bloke today.



Noosa: Spanish mackerel, coral trout, sweetlip and snapper are still being caught off Sunshine Reef. Good tailor to 2kg, plenty of choppers and bream at the Noosa Bar and Teewah. A few tailor and trevally in Woods Bay and around the river mouth.

Maroochydore:A few large tailor and bream at dawn and dusk along north shore. Bream up to 1kg in the deeper channels over night. Plenty of Chopper tailor, trevally, bream and jew at the Motorway Bridge and at the river mouth.  Large flathead throughout the lower reaches.

Kawana: Snapper from the blinker around the 4kg mark. Quality bream and trevally from Kawana Waters. Dart, bream, tarwhine and tailor along the Kawana stretch. Tailor are schooling off Point Cartwright and off the rock walls at dawn and dusk. Bream and tailor from La Balsa Park stretch.

Caloundra: Chopper tailor from the bar and off king beach rocks. Good flathead and bream in the Blue Hole.  Plenty of bream up around 800-900g with a few over the kilo mark from the boardwalk over night and in the deeper channels of the passage.  Quality whiting from Bell’s Creek. Snapper, sweetlip and dart from Moffat heads.



Jess Symes was trolling hard bodied lures in a hire boat in the channel out from Goat Island when she nailed a chopper tailor and trevally in quick succession.



Good friends Joshua Fuller and Jaxon Steel had a ball catching 31.5 and 33cm bream on prawns from their back yard in Maroochy Waters Canals.



Andy Gunn from the Maroochy R.S.L fishing club is addicted to snapper and last weekend he loaded up with a few good specimens on Murphy’s Reef, with the largest one weighing in at 6kg.



Chaz Avery loves the winter fishing conditions at present and had some fun catching swallowtail dart along the north shore with a whippy rod and some live sand worms.

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