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Fishing Report: Best bait for big bream! 01/07/2010




With the cooler days and nights becoming more of a common theme over the past week, bream numbers have remained stable with an expected bumper weekend with the full moon last Saturday night. The larger high tides overnight will be very popular among bream anglers wanting to catch a feed.


Although bream are opportunistic feeders that will pretty much scavenge on anything, there are definitely a few stand out baits. When it comes to high turnover baits, fresh prawn and mullet are at the top. Fresh and live baits are always the best, the list below all produce good feeds:

Live Bait: Sand worm, blood worm, whole prawn, herring and small poddy mullet.

Fresh Bait: Pike, herring, mullet, yakka, slimy mackerel, gar, flesh baits and squid used as cut baits.

Frozen Bait: Whitebait, frogmouth pilchard, baby blue W.A pilchards, mullet gut, chicken gut, hardy heads, mullet fillets, bonito fillets, prawns and squid.

Strips of flesh bait, pilchards and prawns can be soaked in tuna oil to increase the chances of a hook up. The oil slick caused after marinating baits is enough to attract bream from far away.


Bream are very finicky feeders and will often pick at the bait for some time before grabbing it in their mouth and swimming away. This is why anglers need to have small enough hooks for the bream to fit in their mouth and sinkers must be light enough that the fish won’t feel too much weight, that it will drop the bait.

Swan Boat Hire’s resident bream fanatic, Tommy Harvey was more than happy to impart some knowledge on what tackle best suits bream.   “Matching your tackle up to the bait used is very important.  Mustad make beautiful sharp hooks, as do Surecatch, both are perfect for bream fishing.  Look at picking up some bait holder or long shank bait holder hooks in size 4, 6, or 8”. 

Tommy swears by the bait holder range of hooks when using fresh baits as they are ideal for species with a smaller mouth gape, i.e. bream.  “The tiny barbs along the shank of the hook assist soft fresh baits such as worm, prawn and bread to hold onto the hook.  Because bream are timid and pick at their bait, the bait holder enables the bait to last just long enough to snag that picky bream”.

If you are a live bait type of angler, Tommy suggests the Mustad Big Mouth, Penetrator or Big Red hooks in size 1, 1/0, 2/0 or 4/0 depending on your live bait size.  The Big mouth series of hooks have a large shank between the eye and end barb, which is the most efficient for live baiting.  The Penetrator and Big Red options have a similar shape, this extended gap allows the live bait to swim freely, giving a natural fish movement and tricking the prey.  These hooks should be placed just under the dorsal fin for best results.

Strip baits and while pillies need another type of rig all together.  Tommy says gangs are best to allow the bait to be presented naturally and increase the rate of hook up. 

“Mustad and Citer make the best gangs on the market and range from size 6 – 4/0.  With bream, the smaller gangs around size 6 and 4 are best suited to strips of mullet flesh, gar, slimy mackerel or white bait”.

“Small barrel swivel and ball sinkers are necessary to match the strength of the tide. It is also worth considering a high abrasion resistant fluorocarbon leader for bream fishing as they are invisible to fish in the water and have abrasion resistance around structure”. Be sure to hit Tommy up for some more tried and tested tackle tips next time you are in Swan Boat Hire.

Next week we shall look into techniques needed to target bream.




Noosa: Tailor to 2kg along Teewah stretch. Bream, good whiting and chopper tailor from Sunshine, Marcus and Peregian Beaches. Trevally, school jew to 90cm and tailor to 2kg in Noosa Sound. Flathead from lake Cooroibah to the ski run. Mangrove jacks, trevally and tailor near the ski run.

Maroochydore: School jew to 85cm around the river mouth over night. Chopper tailor, trevally and 2.8kg mangrove jack around the Motorway Bridge pylons.  Flathead and bream from Chambers Island, the cod hole and the river mouth. Mangrove jack, school jew and flathead from Bli Bli.

Kawana: A 1.12m long barramundi and a 2kg estuary cod were taken on lure in the middle reaches of the river. Trevally and flathead around McKenzie’s Bridge.  Chopper tailor and bream off the rock walls.  Garfish in The Basin and along the La Balsa Park.

Caloundra: Chopper tailor and flathead round the bar Flathead and whiting in Bells Creek. Flathead off the Military Jetty. Trevally and estuary cod in Pelican Waters. Mud crabs south of Coochin Creek.



Riley fished with fresh prawn bait near Godfreys Road aboard Anglers Advantage Charters to hook this nice bream.



School Holiday Action: Micheal and Elouise fished off Chambers Island Bridge with live bait to get these two pan-size bream,



Dave targeted jew at the Cod Hole with a 3inch minnow plastic and was rewarded with this nice school jew which he later released.



Steve Muller put in the hard yards overnight along the North Shore to bring home this feed of bream around 800-900grams.



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