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Fishing Report: Get ready to tackle winter fishing. 15/04/2010


Last week we talked about April being a good month to target a wide variety of transitional species. By transitional we mean fish species that are dominant in both Summer and Autumn; like flathead, whiting, mangrove jack and trevally.  These species will slowly decrease in numbers by late April and during the same months winter species like bream, tailor and jew should increase in numbers.


If you read last week's article, it discussed the importance of what bait to use and where to go to target the transitional species that live in local Sunshine Coast waters.  Tackle is equally important and the following is some tried and tested set-ups to use in this part of the year.


Now to keep costs down, it is worth your while to look for a multi faceted rod that could be used for both summer and winter species. Not a lot of people can afford to have a bream rod, then a flathead rod, a whippy whiting rod and also a solid tailor rod.These days tackle companies have come to the realisation that general purpose outfits to target a range of species are on the up and up as we need to continuously tighten our belts with rising interest rates and the cost of living.


Last year the Swan Boat Hire team designed a rod/reel combo for specific use as an all round light to medium estuary combo. The "Silstar Estuary Special" combo is ideal for bream, whiting and flathead with increased strength in the butt to also target tailor and trevally. The two piece (3-5kg weight range) rod was available to be purchased on its own for $29.95 or coupled with a Jarvis Walker Mirage 350 spooled with 10lb suffix mono to form a well balance combo at only $49.95. The combo's walked out the door rapidly at that price and this winter we will have a few more in stock for the financially savvy angler.


Big tackle companies have followed suit in designing some more wallet-friendly rod, reels and combos that can be used for a variety of species. A lighter set up to target bream, whiting, flathead and grunter bream on soft plastics or small hard lures is the ATC 1-3kg 7ft spin rod (imported by Wilson and Co) with a SureCatch Ovation 25 reel.

Already sneaking into tackle shops around Australia are a bright and glittery range of winter lures. To name a few that have caught the eyes of yours truly are some great new colours in Berkley 3inch PowerBait Minnows, Slam 3inch Curl tails, River2sea Baby Rover 50's, TT Switchblade ¼inch lures and shiny Citer Blades in 1.5inch and larger. These all retail under $15 and will work a treat with bream, flathead, trevally, jacks and the hungry whiting.


If bait fishing is preferred then try the new-to-the-market Wilson 7-9ft Foreshore rod with a SureCatch Ovation 35 reel.

A heavier set up which will put you in good stead for tailor, big sea bream and jew is the ATC 4kg Rack 7ft spin rod with a SureCatch Ovation 35 Reel for lures or the Wilson 12ft Foreshore rod coupled with a 7000 size spin reel or 650B Alvey reel for superior casting into deep gutters.


More substantial surface lures for the beach and deep water that have angler's tongues wagging include the Exude 5inch SW RT Slugs, Reidy's B52, Tropic Angler Poddy Mullet Deep diver, Trollcraft Pelagic #4 and personal favourites SureCatch Knight's in beautiful green, pink and red shades in 20g and 40g.


The main idea when targeting fish with surface lures is to try and match the lure size with bait size your target species is feeding on at the time. This will ensure a much better chance of a hook up. With this info in mind, hopefully you will be prepared for a good Autumn and Winter fishing season.




Noosa:  Long tail tuna and Mac tuna in the bay along with some sweetlip on the reef patches. Whiting and bream along Noosa North Shore. Flathead to 60cm and a few Whiting from the river mouth. Trevally on live baits from Munna Point and Woods bay.


Maroochy: Tailor to 3kg from the river mouth over night. Tailor in the cod hole just on dark. A 1kg jack from Bli Bli.  Bream, estuary cod and school jew to 5kg between Yinni Street and the Cod hole. Flathead throughout the river.


Kawana:  Flathead, bream and whiting along Buddina Beach. Squire and sweetlip on pilchards from Point Cartwright. Estuary Cod, Bream and trevally along La Balsa .


Caloundra:  Bream and flathead off the boardwalk. Trevally and jacks in Pelican Waters.




Ross Nilson was fising with fresh bait above the Bli Bli bridge when he caught a nice flathead and trevally.
Barry Richards was fishing with a pilchard off Chambers Island when he hooked this 2.3kg (69cm) dusky flathead.
Brock and Alex Mason were fishing with fresh prawn from the eastern tip of Chambers Island and were happy when they caught bream and flathead.

Shiny: A selection of attractive lures for the Winter fishing season; Slam soft plastic curl-tails, Surecatch Knight metal slugs, Citer blades and a charming golden deep diver by Tropic Angler.


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