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Fishing Feature: Boxing Day - Jarvis Henricks 2014-12-26

Most people are looking forward to the Christmas week to put their feet up and relax, eat and drink whatever they want and of course play with the next toys and gadgets Santa left under the tree yesterday. One local boy is pumped for the big high tides, great weather forecast and the fact that his dad has a few more days off to go fishing with him....oh and of course that Jack season is in full swing! Plenty of readers will know his cheeky grin and awesome success rate with jew, jacks and trevally in the local rivers and creeks, eight year old fishing fanatic Jarvis Henricks plans to fish dusk til dawn with his dad Bruce, stopping only to eat over the next few days. Afterall, he has to make up for all those days he missed out on fishing when school was on!

Jarvis was named appropriately as a newborn after Dad's favourite and one of Australia's largest and oldest tackle companies; Jarvis Walker. His love of fishing has been fostered from an early age by being surrounded by a family of anglers who schooled Jarvis is the techniques and skills behind catching bait, targeting fish and filleting them for dinner. Jarvis is quick to add though, he can always rely on his grandmother Janette Henricks to get a feed of king prawns if the fish aren't biting!

So for all other eight year olds or any other junior anglers out there who aspire to catch fish as skillfully as young Jarvis, read on for his top tips for success over the school holidays:

  1. Be prepared. Jarvis always takes a landing net, even for whiting! It is a great investment at $30-40 for an estuary one; ideal for flathead, bream, whiting and trevally .
  2. Be patient. Once you have hooked a fish, have a play – this is how juniors learn to handle their catch. This way the fish will tire after extensive fighting and deception attempts. A tired fish will be much easier to land than one going full steam into the mangroves and snags.
  3. Move around. Use the current and land structures to help you drift or move your line so you don't get worn out constantly casting and retrieving. People who sit in the one spot and then say they haven't had a nibble, just need to move a bit more.
  4. Game On. Be prepared to move quickly when the fish comes on the bite and know this is your moment of glory so pounce, retrieve fast and your hard work will pay off.
  5. Eat fresh fish. Cook up what you have caught the same day as the freshest fish tastes best and is good for you - Jarvis loves eating the fish he catches and doesn't mind a few chips to go with his catch to.

So consider a fishing good week ahead, despite whether Santa brought a new fishing rod or not, because a love of fishing will catch you more fish in the long run - just ask Jarvis!

Jarvis Henricks Trevally Maroochy River tide turns

Jarvis Henricks boats this trevally in the Maroochy River as the tide turns.

Jarvis Henricks Mangrove Jack creek

Mangrove Jack is Jarvis' favourite species to hunt for - up a creek is his recommendation.

Jarvis fish in each hand

Two fish in two hands = a happy boy in Jarvis.

Jarvis first catches bream

Jarvis with one of his first catches brought in to Swan Boat Hire - a feed of bream from the Cod Hole at the ripe old age of five!

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