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Name: Jew (Mulloway)mulloway-argyrosomus-japonicus

Scientific Name: Argyrosomus japonicus

Minimum Size: 75cm

Bag Limit: 2 fish in any one session

Best Bait: Fresh mullet fillets, whole WA pilchards, mackerel fillets, whole large bottle squid and poddy mullet are the best bait to use with tailor. Any live bait works well with jew as they are extremely territorial. They are very partial to metal slugs, spoons, twisties and most deep diving minnows. 

Habitat: The lower reaches of rivers, estuaries, rocky reefs and ocean beaches from Bundaberg and further south to the Queensland border.

Local Haunts: In the Maroochy River,  jew territorially guard deep holes and inlets where schools of baitfish enter.  Jew work alone and can easily be targeted at the river mouth, South Channel,  the deep water opposite Yinni Street and at the Cod Hole. 

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