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Mangrove Jack


Name: Mangrove Jack

Scientific Name: Lutjanus Argentimaculatus

Minimum Size: 35cm

Bag Limit: 5 fish in any one session

Best Bait: Live herring, whiting (whole, live), Mullet fillets, live poddy mullet, tailor flesh, whole WA pilchards and brightly coloured (especially pink and orange) deep diving minnow lures.

Habitat: Found in both estuaries and reef waters along the Great Barrier Reef and QLD Coastline. Young members of the species live in rivers and creeks, around snaggy banks, rocky ledges underwater adn in deep holes, until they reach 3-4 kilos in size and migrate to the sea.

Local Haunts: In the Maroochy River the illusive mangrove jack hides in deep holes and crevices surrounded by big areas of water frequented by schools of bait fish.  The Cod Hole is a popular 'jack' hole, as are the Twin Waters and Maroochy Waters Canals near to structures like jetty pylons which provide enough cover for a predator to strike on an unsuspecting bottom-feeder.  The upper reaches also offer ideal areas for mangrove jack to haunt - try Coolum Creek, Dunethin Rock and the upper reaches of Petrie Creek.


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