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Mud or Dusky Flathead

dusky-flathead-platycephalus-fuscus-bodyName: Mud or Dusky Flathead

Scientific Name: Platycephalus Indicus

Minimum Size: 40cm

Maximum Size: 75cm

Bag Limit: 5 fish in any one session

Best Bait: Live whiting, fresh mullet fillets, prawns, lures and white pilchards.

Habitat: Sand and/or muddy coastal beaches and rivers along Queensland SE coast.

Local Haunts: In the Maroochy River flathead inhabit areas along mud-lined banks near Twin Waters (The Black Bank), Godfreys Road and in both Eudlo and Petrie Creek. They also frequent in lessor numbers off the bank at the Cod Hole, Maroochy Waters Canals, Picnic Point, Cottontree Jetties and Bli Bli's Muller Park area. A falling to low tide is usually best though as flathead forage on banks covered by shallow slow moving water.

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