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Name: Tailortailor-pomatomus-saltatrix

Scientific Name: Pomadasys saltatrix

Minimum Size: 35cm

Bag Limit: 20 fish in any one session

Best Bait: Fresh mullet fillets, whole WA pilchards, mackerel fillets, whole large bottle squid and poddy mullet are the best bait to use with tailor.  They are very partial to metal slugs, spoons and twisties.  Brightly coloured poppers also work well in deep water. 

Habitat: Along the Queensland SE coastline, often in bays and estuaries to chase schools of baitfish and to spawn.

Local Haunts: In the Maroochy River,  tailor enter and depart the estuary via the bar or river mouth.  This is done usually on the incoming tide.  Tailor are seen boiling up in schools following baitfish - target them at the river mouth, Cotton Tree, South Channel, Picnic Point, opposite Yinni Street and at the Cod Hole. 

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