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Name: Trevally (Big eye)

Scientific Name: Carangoides Sexfasciatus

NameTrevally (Golden):

Scientific Name: Gnathanodon speciosus

Minimum Size: Nil

Bag Limit: combined bag limit of 20 (except for amberjack, giant queenfish, highfin amberjack, samsonfish, swallowtail dart and yellowtail kingfish).


Best Bait: Metal slugs, deep diving minnows,
live whiting, squid, pilchards herring and garfish.


Habitat: Big Eye and Golden trevally are found along the length of the Queensland coast from Cape Moreton northwards, especially inshore rocky reefs, deep lagoons, seaward reefs, estuaries and along rocky structures.

Local Haunts: In the Maroochy River it is best to look for a structure like jetty or bridge pylons, rock walls or a nice deep hole with a fast flowing current.  The Cod Hole, River Mouth and deep channel in front of Twin Waters Weir are all perfect spots from both bank and in a boat.  Lures and soft plastics are also rewarding to use in the Eudlo and Petrie Creek mouths on a full tide also.

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