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Yellowfin Bream


Name: Yellowfin Bream

Scientific Name: Acanthopagrus Australis

Minimum Size: 25cm

Bag Limit: 30 fish in any one session.

Best Bait: mullet fillets, mullet gut, chook gut, prawns, yabbies, white pilchardand blood workms.

Habitat: Found predominately from south-east Queensland to north Queensland, yellowfin are caught in estuaries, along surf beaches and off open healands.

Local Haunts: In the Maroochy River it is best to look for a structure like jetty or bridge pylons, rock walls or a nice deep hole for bream.  The Cod Hole, Maroochy Waters Canals, Picnic Point, Cottontree Jetties and Twin Waters Weir are all well known bream feeding grounds - high tide is usually best though hungry bream will bite any time in peak winter fishing times

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