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Catch Gallery: 35cm bream from Yinni Street, Maroochy River - JULY 10, 2011


Six year old Frankie McKenzies was fishing from Yinni Street with her family using fresh mullet for bait, when she caught her best bream to date, this solid 35cm specimen.

Catch Gallery: Tuna, maori cod and snapper from Murphys Reef - July 5, 2011


Corey, Sharky and Dave with a great haul of tuna, maori cod and snapper (to name a few) from Murphys Reef on Tuesday JULY 5, 2011.

Catch Gallery: Saratoga in the Maroochy River - JULY 5, 2011


Ian and Glenda Kurlin with a saratoga caught off a jetty at Bli Bli, a most unual and rare catch in salt water as these fish are usually taken in fresh, brackish water inland from here!

Catch Gallery: Two flathead off Chambers Island, Maroochy River - JULY 5, 2011


Snakey and snakey junior with a 2 great flathead (65cm) caught on the school holidays in the Maroochy River, off Chambers Island.


Catch Gallery: Bag limit of Cobia from local reefs off Mooloolaba JULY 4, 2011


Ollie, Henny and Chris with the bag limit of Cobia from local reefs off Mooloolaba on Monday JULY 4, 2011

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