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Catch Gallery: A feed of gar from Mooloolah Pontoon - July 3, 2011


Alex, Eli and Brock with a feed of gar caught off the pontoon in the Mooloolah River Sunday JULY 3, 2011.

Catch Gallery: Bream from Channel Island area - July 3, 2011


Luisa White with a feed of bream from Channel Island while out on a fishing trip in a hire boat in the Maroochy River on JULY 3, 2011.

Catch Gallery: Flathead from Maroochy River lower reaches - July 2, 2011

Emma Norbury and Holly Faithfull with a 36cm chopper tailor and flathead from the lower reaches of the Maroochy River July 2,2011.

Catch Gallery: Flathead and trevally from the Cod Hole on July 1, 2011

Mitch Bow and friend Rob with a good haul of trevally and flathead from the Cod Hole and Motorway Bridge on July 1, 2011


Catch Gallery: Great feed of Gar from Mooloolah River June 30, 2011

Sophie and Nadia with a feed of gar from the Mooloolah River. Helped by Mum Regina. Caught June 30, 2011.

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